On Tuesday 10 October, Sustainability Day in the Netherlands, Royal Lemkes had some wonderful green news to report: we now supply energy from our own solar panel roof to our employees.

Managing Director Michiel de Haan states, “We have come a long way in our sustainability journey, from having the largest solar panel roof in the Netherlands in 2012 to becoming an energy supplier in 2017. Our building is equipped with 4,000 solar panels, LED lighting and heat pumps.”

The solar panels generate enough power for Royal Lemkes to work energy neutral and even produce more green energy than the company can use. “We are now making this electricity available to our employees, helping them to power their homes with green energy produced by Royal Lemkes. We are proud of being able to take a further step in our contribution to a greener world in this way,” says de Haan.

Sustainability is in the DNA of Royal Lemkes
Royal Lemkes wants to make a difference: for our employees, for our customers, for society and for the world we operate in. This means that for us sustainability is a mentality and not the responsibility of some department! In addition to greening the earth with our plants, we now also contribute to a better world with our solar energy.

Collaboration to accelerate the energy transition
We believe in our motto ‘Let’s Plantify® the future. Together’ and put this into practice. In Greenparc Energy and energy provider ENGIE, Royal Lemkes has found the right partners to make locally produced renewable energy available. Greenparc Energy has made our various energy-saving measures as well as the generation and storage of solar energy possible. And thanks to our cooperation with ENGIE, we have since the start of September been able to supply solar energy to our own employees. You can watch the video about this energetic project here!