Transport bundelen LR2


The new payoff for Royal Lemkes is ‘Let’s plantify the future. Together.’ Under this slogan, the company in January 2017 launched the ‘Bundeltransport Westland’ pilot for grouped transport. Due to its success, combined shipments of plants from 67 suppliers are now being transported from Westland to Royal Lemkes in Bleiswijk, according to delivery windows. Cooperation with De Winter Logistics and suppliers affords Royal Lemkes greater control over supply, cuts CO2 emissions and reduces supply chain costs.

Initial results have been extremely promising. In February, Royal Lemkes therefore invited a second group of nurseries in Westland to take part in the initiative. Currently, 67 nurseries are participating in the second phase of the pilot and the number of applications is growing.

Royal Lemkes Operations & Supply Chain Consultant Patrick Kester explains, “We believe in the benefits of chain cooperation. By working together and using the strength of each link in the chain to optimal capacity, we can achieve great results in the areas of cost, flexibility and sustainability. The Bundeltransport Westland pilot is a wonderful example of this.”

This new logistics approach brings benefits to all parties: cost savings for the suppliers, transport volume for the carrier and more control over the supply for Royal Lemkes. Grouped transport also has a positive impact on CO2 emissions and reduces traffic congestion. It’s a clear win-win situation for all stakeholders in the horticulture chain.