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Our very first newsletter, Plantifacts

We are proud to present our very first newsletter, Plantifacts.

The newsletter brings you up to speed with the latest developments at Royal Lemkes and in the world of plants. We aim to provide you with useful marketing tips, insightful happenings within the industry, important dates, the latest export figures and inspiring stories. We shall also introduce you to one of our employees in each newsletter.

Michiel de Haan, Managing Director: “We believe that forming strong relationships with our customers is vital. Our goal is to create a more beautiful world with plants and to help you obtain maximum returns from your plant range. The market is changing, and this creates opportunities which we would like to explore and share with you.“

Our goal – in everything we do – is to achieve sustainable growth: of our people, of our relationships, of our common business and of the world we live in. With that in mind, it seems natural that the theme of our very first newsletter is Sustainability.

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