Thank you for helping us make the world a more beautiful place!

It will not have escaped you that the market is changing fast. That’s why over this past year we have fine-tuned our vision and strategy and have restructured our organisation. We have also reformulated our positioning, which you can read about below. You can find out more about our latest services and our strategy by visiting our brand new website.

Together with you, we are working towards a greener and more beautiful future. We believe in plants. Plants enhance life. They can play a vital role in business and make a sustainable contribution to a greener world. People feel better when they are surrounded by greenery, not least because plants add ambience, provide oxygen and absorb CO2. Read our green mission to discover how Royal Lemkes implements its pledges. We are committed to building a better world together and are confident that our partnership will continue to flourish in 2017. 

Let's grow and flourish together!

You should have by now received a card with a very special pencil by mail. It’s a sustainable pencil that can actually bloom. Think of it as a symbol of our relationship and help it to flourish. Place the pencil, or the stump that remains after use, in a flowerpot filled with soil and shower it with water, love and sunlight

"Royal Lemkes has a green heart. We believe in plants. As they can create a better life, stronger businesses and contribute to a healthier, green world. We strive for sustainable growth. Of our people, of our relationships and of our common business."

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Plantify® = Creating a better life, stronger businesses and a healthier, green world with plants.