Our sustainable mission

Royal Lemkes wants to make a difference and has a sustainable mission:  we strive to create a better world with plants and do this by playing a frontrunner role in making the green sector more sustainable. We believe that every enterprise should help build a better world, especially for future generations.

Plants have a vital role here, not least because they contribute to health and wellbeing. Plants are extremely beneficial for people in and around their homes, particularly in urban areas. Royal Lemkes sets an example in the green sector and collaborates with partners in the supply chain to make it more sustainable, from seed to plant to consumer.

We have identified six themes that underpin our green mission: biodiversity, natural resources, climate, working conditions in the supply chain, health and society, welfare and our employees.

Royal Lemkes is committed to a sustainable supply chain and working in partnership with MPS, Global GAP, BON, FSI and MVO Nederland. In addition, our premises are 100% self-sufficient in solar-generated power.

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