Our roots

Royal Lemkes has a green heart.

A love for plants and a knowledge of plants: this is what sets Royal Lemkes apart. We have a strong connection with nature and cherish plants, which can be seen throughout our rich, green history.

A family business that started as a nursery in 1882, Royal Lemkes has grown to become a leading supplier of plants to large-scale players in the European retail market. Our development has been built on professionalism, vision and long-standing relationships with customers and suppliers.

In 2007, Cees van der Meij, then owner of Edelman trading house, acquired the Lemkes Royal horticultural company from the fourth generation of the Lemkes family. That’s when two family firms merged to become Royal Lemkes, the forward-thinking company you see today.

We wear our history with pride and have our sights set on the future. Whether for customers, employees or suppliers, we make a difference with our plants and aim to make the world a more beautiful place.

Let’s plantify the future. Together.



"Royal Lemkes has a green heart."