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Royal Lemkes in Elsevier Top 500

Royal Lemkes is proud of its position as one the world’s leading companies, which is exemplified by our ranking in the Elsevier Top 500 (no. 354). Elsevier is the largest weekly news magazine in the Netherlands.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Elsevier has compiled its Top 500 of largest companies. The list is based on turnover, but, this year, the Top 500 has been compiled differently. The most important criteria being Dutch entrepreneurship.

How does a company make it to the list?

Its headquarters must be located in the Netherlands. It must not be a letterbox company and needs to have more than 100 employees. If a company is a subsidiary of a foreign competitor, it is not included. But if the owner has invested in the company to function as an independent Netherlands-based entity, it is included. Companies are ranked by their turnover for 2015. Where those figures are not available, the statistics for 2014 are used. Turnover is considered to be all income resulting from the principal activity of the company.